Insane car flipping from Autograss crash

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Insane car flipping from Autograss crash

Insane car flipping from Autograss crash
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Insane car flipping from Autograss crash

by SWNS 1:36 mins

Insane car flipping from Autograss crash

by SWNS 1:36 mins

Footage from Caught Light Photography Driver Tom Barnes, 26, was competing in the Autograss race in York on Sunday morning when he collided with friend Joe Vaudin's car on the racetrack, sending him flying into the air. Amazing, dad-of-one Tom was not seriously hurt apart from a bruised coccyx and whiplash. The self-employed carpenter from Leeds, West Yorks., said: "It was just an accident. No one was to blame. Sometimes accidents just happen. See more at SWNS.TV

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