Amputee Cat Tries to Play Using Missing Leg

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Amputee Cat Tries to Play Using Missing Leg

Amputee Cat Tries to Play Using Missing Leg
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Amputee Cat Tries to Play Using Missing Leg

by Storyful 0:34 mins

Amputee Cat Tries to Play Using Missing Leg

by Storyful 0:34 mins

Joyce’s beloved cat Eileen had a tough start to life. Abandoned at the Charleston Animal Society requiring amputation, the staff helped her recover. Eileen was adopted by Joyce after melting her heart during a visit. Not perturbed by the loss of her limb, Eileen is now ‘a meaningful part of the family’. This, however, is the first time Joyce has seen her try to use her ‘phantom leg’. Credit: YouTube/Joyce Waggoner

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