NYC taxi driver watches porn while driving

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NYC taxi driver watches porn while driving

NYC taxi driver watches porn while driving
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NYC taxi driver watches porn while driving

by Newsflare 0:42 mins

NYC taxi driver watches porn while driving

by Newsflare 0:42 mins

Bizarre footage has emerged from New York City, NY, US of a cab driver appearing to watch porn at the wheel. The video, captured by the taxi's passenger earlier on Wednesday in Midtown, shows the mobile phone propped up behind the wheel - playing the apparently graphic video as the driver casually steers. The filmer wrote online: "I was headed uptown to a client lunch yesterday and realized a minute in that my cab driver was watching hardcore porn on his iPhone while driving. "This lasted for 10 min before he got a call and finally turned it off." +++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE+++ VIDEO LOOPED Screen contents blurred - Raw can be found at with a GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING

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