Monkey Mom’s Made-Up Macaque

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Monkey Mom’s Made-Up Macaque

Monkey Mom’s Made-Up Macaque
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Monkey Mom’s Made-Up Macaque

by Barcroft TV 2:31 mins

Monkey Mom’s Made-Up Macaque

by Barcroft TV 2:31 mins

Monkey mum Teresa Bullock pampers her pet macaque Angel by applying make-up to the 18-year-old java macaque. Angel sports bright red lipstick and bold eyeshadow and face cream in videos posted online. Owner Teresa, 45, started putting make up on Angel after she saw her getting ready for work - and insisted on some of her own.  And despite negative response from critics, Teresa claims the demanding primate loves her beauty regime which is totally harmless.  Footage: Misfitland Producer: Jack McKay, Chloe Browne Editor: Joshua Douglas

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