Mother who breastfeeds her 5yo daughter

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Mother who breastfeeds her 5yo daughter

Mother who breastfeeds her 5yo daughter
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Mother who breastfeeds her 5yo daughter

by SWNS 2:00 mins

Mother who breastfeeds her 5yo daughter

by SWNS 2:00 mins

Stay-at-home mum Miira, 36, nurses Tara three times a day, as well as her two-year-old brother Ray Lee (doub corr), and husband Jim even moved out of their marital bed so she can spend every night with the pair. The former science researcher, of Poole, Dorset, realises other parents at Tara’s school, where she is just finishing her first year, may raise an eyebrow at their habits but says she doesn’t care and has the backing of science.

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