Diver Is Nearly Swallowed By Whale

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Diver Is Nearly Swallowed By Whale

Diver Is Nearly Swallowed By Whale
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Diver Is Nearly Swallowed By Whale

by Barcroft TV 1:02 mins

Diver Is Nearly Swallowed By Whale

by Barcroft TV 1:02 mins

A LUCKY diver has spoken of the moment he was nearly SWALLOWED by a whale. Rainer Schimpf was watching the annual sardine run when a 15m Bryde's whale attacked a ball of fish just yards away. Luckily the giant mammal swerved at the last moment to avoid smacking directly into him - but it still sent him flying as it breached. The incident was captured off the coast of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.Footage: Rainer Schimpf, Producer: John Balson, Editor: Joshua Douglas

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