Fringe In 5: Gemma Whelan as Chastity Butterworth

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Fringe In 5: Gemma Whelan as Chastity Butterworth

Fringe In 5: Gemma Whelan as Chastity Butterworth
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Fringe In 5: Gemma Whelan as Chastity Butterworth

by Avalon 5:14 mins

Fringe In 5: Gemma Whelan as Chastity Butterworth

by Avalon 5:14 mins

Emily and Russell meet Gemma Whelan to chat about her character based comedy show Chastity Butterworth and The Spanish Hamster, which she'll be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. She also reveals all about the unique audition process she went through to get her role for the huge fantasy series, Game Of Thrones.

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