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Will Smith explains why he's not a cool dad

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A busca internacional do Mourinho. #meescolhemourinho

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    Media Frenzy Surrounds Scene of Fatal Shooting of Russian Opposition Politician

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    Opposition Politician Killed in Drive-by Shooting in Moscow

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    Jeb Bush, Chris Christie Booed at CPAC

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    Phil Robertson Rants Against STDs, Speaks on Religion During CPAC

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    UK Pranksters parody Paris metro incident

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    NFL player's 2-year-old son belts out national anthem

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    Parkour team performs high-flying stunts

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    Baby conquers Australian Shepherd "mountain" climb

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    Baby has priceless reaction to new food

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    Patient dog tolerates crazy kitten

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    "Hung Up": Male Superfan Spends $75,000 On Surgery To Look Like Madonna

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    GRAN Theft Auto: Grandmother Wins Replica Of Bestselling Game's Banshee Car

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    Baby Orangutan Makes Incredible Recovery

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    Young Humpback Whale Breaches To Say Hello

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    Guinness World Record: The World's Shortest Cow


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    Ferry breaks through ice in Nantucket Sound, MA, US

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    'Exploding' train tracks at New Eltham station, UK

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    Massive sinkhole appears in Northern Territory, Australia

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    Massive sinkhole fills with water in Darwin River, Australia

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    Bearded dragons model strange costumes at Thai pet show

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    Clarification on the 'black and blue' dress debate