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Showbiz Shockers

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Showbiz Shockers

by Yahoo Celebrity Video 2:30 mins

Showbiz Shockers

by Yahoo Celebrity Video 2:30 mins

Harry Styles, Rihanna, Kate Middleton, Robert Pattinson and more: the juiciest celebrity stories of the week. EP 53

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  1. 2:17

    Huckabee Announces Presidential Candidacy With 'Nailed Shut' Campaign Video

  2. 2:25

    Costa Rican Volcano Eruption Causes Airport Closure

  3. 3:20

  4. 1:46

    Liberal Democrats Poke Fun at Labour's Women's Manifesto

  5. 0:54

    Bush Celebrates Mexico-US Ties on Cinco De Mayo

  6. 0:15

    Cop Tells Flood-Water Canoeists 'Get Out of the Water, Now!'

Channel 4 News


  1. 2:06

    Woman announces pregnancy to her parents using mugs

  2. 2:11

    Girl Babbles Nonsense after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  3. 4:59

    What if the homeless gave you money?

  4. 2:05

    Fully grown man faints on roller coaster

  5. 1:32

    UK Pranksters parody Paris metro incident

  6. 1:30

    This robot dance routine will blow your mind!

Barcroft TV

  1. 2:00

    A Look Inside 2015's Miss USSR UK Pageant Show

  2. 4:20

    Family Live With 13 Bears In Their Backyard

  3. 6:53

    Muscle Injections Almost Cost This Man His Arms

  4. 2:17

    Cute Polar Bear Cub Plays In The Snow For The First Time

  5. 4:51

    YouTube Star Reveals She Has Two Vaginas

  6. 5:21

    Protesters Voice Their Anger As Indonesia Executes Eight Of The 'Bali Nine' For Drug Smuggling


  1. 0:37

    Steve Coogan forgets his party while on Labour campaign

  2. 1:14

    Monarch Airbus battles strong winds at Leeds

  3. 0:34

    Woman stopped driving with cosmetic face mask - looped version

  4. 2:50

    Porpoise dies after rescue attempt on UK beach

  5. 1:27

    Steve Coogan supports Labour in London

  6. 1:06

    Leeds flight struggles against strong winds