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Showbiz Shockers

by Yahoo Celebrity Video 2:30 mins

Showbiz Shockers

by Yahoo Celebrity Video 2:30 mins

Harry Styles, Rihanna, Kate Middleton, Robert Pattinson and more: the juiciest celebrity stories of the week. EP 53

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    Meditative Dog Gives Swimming Lessons

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    Fire Tears Through Investment Authority in Sanaa


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    Girl gets Taylor Swift tickets and "loses her mind"!

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    Woman announces pregnancy to her parents using mugs

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    Girl Babbles Nonsense after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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    What if the homeless gave you money?

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    Fully grown man faints on roller coaster

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    UK Pranksters parody Paris metro incident

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    Pageant Princess: Nine-year-old Barbie Is A Beauty Queen

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    Bulletproof Balls: Man Is Shot In The Groin

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    Ferrari Owners Unite For Exclusive Qatar Track Run

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    Caught On Camera: Lion Uses Hippo Carcass As Life Raft

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    One Man And His Pet Tortoise

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    India's Tallest Man Struggles To Find Love


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    Digger ploughs through cars amid China construction dispute

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    Skiers descend ash-covered Mount Etna

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    Huge tornado hits Northeast China

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    Sir Paul McCartney helps fan propose to girlfriend

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    Terrifying driver

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    Clever Dog Shows Maths Skills